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December 2022 Newsletter

December’s Technology Insider:

Can you imagine doing business in the Metaverse?

Hello and welcome to the December 2022 edition of our Technology Insider newsletter.

We start this month discussing the Metaverse. Imagine a massive 3D virtual space which mimics aspects of the physical world. We can all meet there at the same time, perhaps using virtual reality goggles or augmented reality glasses. It seems like science fiction, yet it will happen in some way and at some point. Have a read and let me know if you think it’s time to start thinking about where your business could be in the future.

Also inside this month:

· The ‘hacker holiday’ is no more

· How a mesh system could eradicate your Wi-Fi dead zones

· A year in malware

Plus the usual tech facts and quiz. As always, if you’ve got any feedback or questions about technology, please email me: info@pitsadmin or call 336-283-6234.

Enjoy reading your Technology Insider.